Flip is a design and motion graphics studio based in Tromsø, Norway. They wanted to get away from the look and style adopted by other agencies in Norway and to create a playful brand and website that fed off the company name, Flip. The opening page is much like any other grid-based approach to showing work, but when the user moves their mouse (or scrolls on a touch device) the movement reveals / conceals a layer of illustrations that sit beneath the primary images. As far as we know, this hasn’t been done before and uses the very latest browser technologies (as such, please make sure to use a browser like Google Chrome if you plan on visiting the site).

The back-end is powered by WordPress and a lot of custom development work, including our own theme. As with all our work, the front-end (what the visitor sees) is only half the story. As much time, if not more, was spent making the process of maintaining the site as simple as possible for the Flip team.

We’re really proud of this work and it was a great working with the talented and creative people at Flip – shout out to Ole!


September 12, 2017