Web design for Bristol accountancy firm. Zen specialises in finance for the creative sectors. The site was designed to communicate the fact that with Zen, your mind will be free to focus your creative passions.

Zen works specifically with clients who work in the creative sectors, such as music, film and television. Their aim is to free their customers from the burden of managing their finances, in their own words: “We are privileged to be able to take care of the financial side of our client’s business, to help them to concentrate on being creative.”

Thinking about this, I wanted to develop a site that captured this idea of freeing up head space and decluttering the mind. The site utilises a seamlessly looping video of rolling clouds beneath the site’s content. The content itself is broken down into very concise passages of text. Subtle animations are used throughout to add a feeling of technical ingenuity and know-how – Zen work with several different cloud and desktop applications.

Z-e-n.co.uk Front Page
Z-e-n.co.uk Why We Exist Page
Z-e-n.co.uk Team Page

The site is fully responsive, meaning that the content and interface scales from very narrow width devices right up to full screen desktop monitors. The code adheres to Google’s guidelines for Progressive Web App support and as such, the website is installable as an app on devices which support this. I achieved perfect scores for SEO and best practises with Google’s Lighthouse tool with a score of 91 for performance (it’s lightning fast). Note: The slightly lower score for accessibility is due to Lighthouse being unable to correctly parse some elements of the page’s code.

Zen PWA Lighthouse Scores
Z-e-n.co.uk Tech Page
Z-e-n.co.uk Pricing Page
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Canvas / HTML5 / Javascript ES6 / PWA / SCSS / Vue / Webpack