Serein: Audiovisual

Collected audiovisual / interactive work created to accompany releases on Welsh record label, Serein. Each piece expands on the respective cover artwork for each release, integrating music and interactivity. Serein is my own record label. For audio please visit the links for each piece.

Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains

Cover art brought to life for this compilation released on Serein. Each ‘bulb’ represents a track from the album and when clicked, a short sample is played. This presented a beautiful and engaging way for label fans to get a taste of the album just ahead of its release. Fully responsive. Uses the SoundManager2 library for audio.

I was responsible for all artwork, concepts and curation for this release. Find out more about the album and see more of the artwork at Serein.

Hibernis / So What

An interactive video piece for a digital single released by US based band, Hibernis. The track, titled “So What” is a “spiritual, eyes-closed trip invoked by modular synths and haunted vocals”. The So What microsite invites the user into a seemingly never-ending canvas of eerie, abstract video clips which can be traversed using a mouse or motion sensitive device.

The implementation uses a combination of pre-compiled video and masked, randomly positioned video frames. Touching a frame randomly offsets the video inside, the idea was to invite the user to explore whilst having some control over the ever-changing visual composition. At key events during the track, the axis of motion is switched between horizontal, vertical and finally, both axes.

Art concept: Huw Roberts & Ole M Ødegaard.
Video compilation and rendering: Ole M Ødegaard.
Code: Huw Roberts
Music: Hibernis

Imprints / Data Trails

An older interactive, web audio site for the album Data Trails by Imprints. This microsite invites the user to explore and affect a pseudo-random stream of music from the album by moving their mouse around to control what they hear (left / right) and filter the master stream (up / down).

“Move slowly around the screen and listen carefully to discern how your movements change what you hear. Audio streams are randomised on each page load meaning that each time you come back, you can hear a new collage of sounds”

The effect is achieved by mixing several channels of audio that work together no matter how they overlap. It is therefore possible to randomise the start positions of the audio files and achieve a (more or less) random experience on every page load. A trail follows the mouse and passing through any of the three abstract elements on screen (red, green, blue) alters the trail in some way. Clicking forces the trail to hold its shape. The trail responds to changes in the music’s amplitude, such that louder passages make the trail appear to be more frenetic.

I was responsible for the art concept and curation of this release. Find out more about the album and see more of the artwork at Serein.

Canvas / HTML5 / jQuery / Paper JS / Pixi JS / SCSS / SoundManager2 / SVG / Web Audio