E-International Relations

Major revamp including new look and new features for high traffic website, E-International Relations. I planned and executed a strategy to overhaul their ageing WordPress website, improving workflow and efficiency.

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E-IR wanted a new look and new functionality for their site but wanted to stick with their WordPress setup. Over the years they’d built up thousands of posts and comments, so migrating to another platform was something they wanted to avoid.

I cloned the site to a virtual machine on my desktop and got familiar with the work of the previous developer and how the site was structured. I’d been given a wishlist of new features by E-IR and I made notes on how I could introduce these while preserving the integrity of legacy content.

With everything backed up and the site under version control (letting me keep track of changes to code), I began updating the WordPress core and plugins, fixing issues as they arose.

E-ir.info Responsive Website - Mobile View

With the existing code base up to date, I began extensive work on the responsive theme and new features. These included augmenting WordPress’s content editor with options for featuring posts, setting styles, adding author information, downloads and more.

Once I’d made good progress, I set up a staging server so that E-IR could see how things were shaping up and give feedback on the closing round of updates. Once everyone was happy, the new site went live and the transition was seamless. I’ve been working with E-IR regularly ever since, implementing new features and continuing to improve workflow.

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