Drum Networking

I designed and developed a sleek, modern website for Drum Networking. Drum is an exclusive, members only platform connecting brands with global stores, agents, influencers and creatives. As most of the Drum website is restricted to members, the images and video below feature fictitious brands.

The design features a bright palette with lots of negative space and an overall understated, minimal aesthetic. I incorporated a strong, inset border that’s fixed around the visible area of the site at all times. Starting off yellow, the hue shifts as the user scrolls down the page, rotating through green, blue, pink and orange, as on a colour wheel. The logo was supplied by Drum.

Body copy is set in Source Sans Pro and headlines use Rozha One – this has a classic retail look which obviously marries well with Drum’s modus operandi. Narrow, bright underlines are used beneath headlines to aid content separation and tie in with the full page border.

The Drum site is fully responsive with content scaling to fit any device.

Drum Networking Blog Design
Drum Networking Responsive Website

The back-end is powered by WordPress and as on other sites I’ve developed using this platform, I provided Drum with a series of templates to use when creating layouts for their own pages making content creation simple and flexible.

Paying members can be assigned the appropriate permissions at the back-end to allow them to view the full site and subscriptions expire automatically after one year. I also developed a deep search facility for filtering through brands by type, region and other categories.

HTML5 / jQuery / PHP / SCSS / SVG / WordPress