Dream Quickly

Dream Quickly is the advertising agency of Simeon Rose and Anne Hopkins. I made a fun, colourful web app to showcase their innovative brand thinking and show off their amazing work.

Dream Quickly work on incredible projects for brands recognised throughout the world and a lot of their work has a sense of fun and humour about it, two key points that often came up while talking through design ideas.

I used the Dream Quickly logo and identity as a guide in coming up with a big, bold and blocky look featuring an oversize, ever-changing logo and bright, contrasting colours. Text is kept to a minimum with the focus on their large portfolio of visual work – images, videos and GIFs.

As the DQ team were already familiar with WordPress, we chose this for the back end. This keeps things super simple for them in terms of keeping things updated.

One of the best things about this site was being asked to make a page full of photos of their dog, Sonic. Because, why not?

Dream Quickly have worked with the likes of Faith In Nature, Jagermeister and Tiger Beer.

HTML5 / SPA / SVG / Vue / WordPress